1. Horror Within

From the recording Film & Media Music Vol. 2

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Title: Horror Within
Composed, arranged, produced and engineered by Michael Crowther. All instruments played by Michael Crowther
Copyright 2016
All rights reserved, ASCAP
This track is cleared for licensing.
CONTACT: Email: crowthermusic@comcast.net WEBSITE: www.crowthermusic.com
ISRC: uscgh2170265
Album UPC: 195999405643

Scary and disturbing with dark orchestral & synth textures creating an atmosphere of an evil presence or something lurking in the shadows. Intense and terrifying underscore that will put the viewer on the edge of their seat. Great for horrors, suspense, thrillers, mysteries, games and adverts.
Haunting Creepy Eerie Scary Ghostly Mystery Edgy Ghost Paranormal Horror Halloween Thriller Terror Dark Ominous Sinister Spooky Psycho Psychological Thriller Haunted House Trick Or Treat Horrifying Menacing Monster Fiend Horrific Phantom Frightening Demon Bone Chilling Cold Murder Ghost Hunters Poltergeist Apparition Nightmare On Elm Street Soap Opera Daytime Drama Dramatic