Michael's music is available on CD and digital download on all major online retail stores.

MUSIC BOX  (Contemporary Instrumental, Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz)

A MOMENT IN TIME  (Contemporary Instrumental, Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz)

THE LIGHT OF LOVE  (Inspirational)

FILM & MEDIA MUSIC VOL. 1  (Compilation of tracks from some of Michael's Film and Television Scores)

INDIE CINEMATIC MUSIC VOL. 1  ( Compilation CD featuring music from some of Michael's Film & TV scores. Released on the Chaos Music label)

SCHOLASTIC BOOKS  (Christmas-Themed CD for Scholastic Books featuring “Moonlight Sleighride”)

THE 98 ROCK ALBUM VOL. III   (Rock compilation album featuring "Of Celestial Illusions" with Crystal Skies)



Chilled Jazz Masters
Music Made For Horror
Floating In Eternity
Halloween Classical Mix
Luxury Lounge A Taste Of Jazz
Romantic Jazz Nights
The Best Of Halloween Music And Soundtracks (Also featuring Mike Oldfield)
Cinematic Music For Soundtracks
Halloween Harmonies
Music For Halloween
Horror Movie Soundtracks For Halloween
A Halloween Music Special
Vintage Plug 60 Volumes 2, 3 & 4
Sensualist Future Jazz
Laidback Jazz
Breakup & Sadness
An Invitation To My Party
Best Of Art Rock Vol 3
Tranquil Energy
Santa Claus Is Coming Soon Vol 2
Corporate ELEctronic Vol 2
Wildlife / Jungle / Adventure: Orchestral Vol 2
Latin Carnival Season
Winter Dreams 1
Valentines Day Volumes 1 & 2