VIDEO Michael's Acceptance speech for the IMC Music Award at the Grammy Museum.


  Michael has scored projects both domestically and internationally from Indie projects to feature films as well as a wide variety of television productions including children's programming and education, animated films, wildlife and nature documentaries, radio and television commercials, sports programs and more…. 


The following are links to some of Michael's projects:


Zorro   (Action Series)


Michael Jackson Thriller "Live" (Theme to opening film of Michael Jackson live concert film)


The Bubblebuds  "Rainbow Adventure"  (Animated film for Kids TV).


The Coven  (British Feature Film / Supernatural Thriller)


The Dolls House (Animated film)


My Joyful World - (Turkish Animated TV Series for kids)


Nissan & Kia Commercial


The Player   (Animated Western Film)


Twisted   (Web TV Series Drama - India)


Blind Psychosis  (Six-part Supernatural Mystery Podcast Series)


Torah Town   (Animated Web Series and DVD for Children)


Criminal Minds  (TV Series Featurette Promo   - CBS)


Duddy's Dynamite Diggs   (Children’s live action television with Henson Muppets)


Ote Yer Hikayeleri   (TV Show  - Turkey)


Substitute Creacher


Whiteboard Animation   (Video Promo)


The Genji Show Halloween Spookacular  (Kids show on Cartoon Network)


Dance Of The Undead  (Horror feature film)