1. Dark Earth

From the recording Dark Earth

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Spacy strings and mysterious piano work, then explodes into a hot rock guitar melody. It goes through many twists and moods sounding much like a movie soundtrack. Its dark lyrics it will transport you to another world.


Cast into the sea of eternity.
Wandering timelessly.
Drifting on.
Lost in shades of boundless infinity.
Floating endlessly
far beyond.

Headed for a distant light.
Looking back to find
the Earth is so dark.
It's so dark.

Still pondering fearfully
the ruin of mankind,
as time grows dim each day.
Time slowly dims away.

As the ice covered earth,
the wind swept their fading cries.
Lord take me away
to a new, brighter day.

The dark windy Earth.
Whispering frozen skies.
We must leave this place,
'cause there's no wind in space.