From the recording Film & Media Music Vol. 2

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Title: Music Box (Reprise)

Composed, arranged, produced, performed and engineered by: Michael Crowther.
All instruments played by Michael Crowther.

Copyright 2005
All rights reserves, ASCAP

This music is cleared for licensing.

Contact: Michael Crowther


ISRC: uscgh2170267
Album UPC: 195999405643

A child-like music box melody with a soft, innocent lullaby feel and ethereal backround creating a warm and loving atmosphere. This beautiful lullaby is perfect for projects involving babies and toddlers as well educational films, documentaries, toy embeds and infant care promos and adverts.
Lullaby Rock-A-Bye Baby Sweet Nurturing Caring Emotional Dreamy Restful Peaceful Lovely Infant Cute Adorable Pregnancy Sleep Slumber
BPM: 74