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  1. Music Box
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Title: Music Box
From the album “Music Box”
Composed, arranged performed and engineered by: Michael Crowther.
All instruments played by Michael Crowther.
Michael Crowther holds 200% ownership of this music.
Copyright 2005
All rights reserves, ASCAP
ISRC Code: ushm90629133
This music is cleared for non-exclusive licensing through Audio Sparx at: https://www.audiosparx.com/sa/summary/play.cfm/crumb.2/crumc.0/sound_iid.333583

Contact: Michael Crowther
Email: crowthermusic@comcast.net
Website: www.crowthermusic.com

Description: Sweet, emotional piece with beautiful piano and string melodies. With a child-like music box intro and lush orchestration, this piece has a soft, innocent lullaby feel of love and tenderness. From the album MUSIC BOX available on this site and all major online stores.
Keywords: New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Lush, Beautiful, Melodic, Serene, Peaceful, Yoga, Tender, Tranquil, Meditation, Massage, Dreamy, Waltz, Easy Listening, Chillout, Spa, Relaxating, Elegant, Sophisticated, Healing, Ethereal Lovers Atmospheric Restful Nurturing, Charming, Wholesome, Sincere, Loving, Atmospheric, Lovely, Dreamlike, Orchestral