1. Moon Man
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Title: Moon Man
From the album “Film & Media Music Vol. 1”
Composed, arranged performed and engineered by: Michael Crowther.
All instruments played by Michael Crowther.
Michael Crowther holds 200% ownership of this music.
Copyright 2016
All rights reserves, ASCAP
ISRC Code: ushm81670733
This music is cleared for non-exclusive licensing through Audio Sparx at: https://www.audiosparx.com/sa/summary/play.cfm/crumb.2/crumc.0/sound_iid.815359

Contact: Michael Crowther
Email: crowthermusic@comcast.net
Website: www.crowthermusic.com

Description: Cool smooth jazz featuring upright bass, vibraphones, piano, flute and trumpet. From the album FILM & MEDIA MUSIC VOL. 1 available on this site and all major online stores.
Keywords: Cool Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Instrumental, Sophisticated, Slick, Sexy, Be Bop, Detective, Mystery, Private Eye, Crime In Progress, Dramatic, Drama, Cocktail Lounge, Elegant, Sensuous