Some of Michael's clients include: CBS, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Cinemax, NBC Sports, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, PBS, Mike Judge, Toyota, Nissan, Kia, RG Entertainment, Versus, Western Union, Ceans Communication, Big Fish Games, Shelley Games, Willow Communications, various Indie Producers, Animation studios and more..









Criminal Minds (Original Music for Emmy Award Nominated and Peoples Choice Winner TV show promo - CBS. )

Zoofari  (Original music for Nickelodeon TV Series)

Tales From The Tour Bus (Original music for the animated series on Cinemax created by Mike Judge - creator of "King Of The Hill", "Beavis And Butt-Head", "Silicon Valley")

Blind Psychosis (Six-part Supernatural Mystery Series produced by Ray Griggs and starring Leslie Anne Warren, Tony Hale, Camilla Luddington, Missi Pyle, Christopher McDonald, John O'Hurley, Curtis Armstrong, Yvette Nicole Brown, Diedrich Bader– Original Score - RG Ent - Warner Brothers)              
The Coven -
(Feature Film / Horror / Thriller – London - Original Score)                       
Monsters Inside Me  (TV Series -  Animal Planet - Original Music
Bubblebuds Rainbow Adventure - (
Animated Children’s Film / Original Score)             
Bubblebuds Funny Fingers (Animated Children’s Film / Comedy / Learning - Original Score)
Apparition (Feature Film / Faith-based Supernatural Thriller - Original Music)

Torah Town (Animated Series and DVD for Children – Original Music)

Twisted (Web Series - Original Music)

Blackchamber (TV Show in Russia - Original Music)
Toyota Commercial (Original Music for TV and Radio Spot)
Nissan Commercial (Original Music)

Despicable Me 3 Real Life Racing Spinner (Movie Merchandise Promo - Original Music)

Dance Of The Undead (Horror film produced by Darkest Hour Films - Original Music)

Western Union (TV Commercial – Original Music )
The Player (Animated Western Comedy Film – Original Music)
It’s All Relative (Feature Film / Drama – Original Score)
David’s Apartment  (Feature Film / Drama - Original Score)
Duddy’s Dynamite Diggs (Live action film with puppetry / Children / Comedy – Original Score)
Shallow Deep
 (Feature Film / Crime Drama – Original Score)
Delmarva Outdoor Magazine ( Outdoor Adventure TV Series - Original Music - PBS)
Substitute Creacher ( Animated Film - Original Music)
Acedia  (Feature Film / Horror – Original Score
Christmas Across America (Television Special - Original Music
Christian Fishing  ( Outdoor Adventure  TV Series –  Original Music - PBS)
The History Of Halloween (TV Documentary – Original Music)
Face It (TV Series - Original Music
In Your Interest (TV Series - Original Music
Pregnancy  (
TV Commercial / Canada – Original Music)
Catholic Schools (TV Commercial – Original Music
Fatma (TV Show / Turkey - Original Music)
Moondram Jamam (Short Film - Original Music)
Ote Yer Hikayeleri (TV Show / Turkey - Original Music)
Pitchcrafters (Animation Video - Original Music)
Ctp (TV Show / S. Korea - Original Music)
YNS (You Tube Commercial - Original Music)
Fintonic (TV Commercial / Spain - Original Music)
Cavit Promo (TV Commercial in Romania - Original Music)
Paces 6 (Web commercial for computer software - Original Music)
Zozole Cinema (TV Commercial / Amsterdam - Original Music)
Dillie The Deer (Wildlife Video - Original Music)
Allaitement (TV Commercial / Canada - Original Music)
Children's Day Video Wall ( Corporate Video - Original Music)
Tranquil T (Corporate Video - Original Music)
Empowering Thought (Corporate Video - Original Music)
Angelica's Tours (Corporate Video - Original Music)
Rainbow Library (Educational Video - Original Music)
Making Of A Mural (Educational Video - Original Music)
Smoking Coal Ash (Educational Video - Original Music)
Animals Asia Foundation "Inside The Moon Bear Rescue Centre"  (Educational Wildlife Documentary - Original Music)
Taata (Educational Video - Original Music)

Casa Y Misterio (Educational Video - Original Music)

The Six Shape Shorts (Animation distributed by MGM - Original Music)

Nature 3D (TV Movie / Germany - Original Music)

Wealth Gap (Corporate Video - Original Score)



Brain Food:  Web-based Flash Video Game (Original Music)

Bullseye Bingo: Web-based Flash Video Game (Original Music)
Waddle & Slide: Web-based Quiz Game (Original Music)
Kidzillion Games Pack: iPhone Game (Original Music
Hm3: Video Game (Original Music
Whizzit Words: iPhone and iPod touch game for children (Original Music
Shoot On Cam: Video Game (Original Music
Fortune Spin Zext: Video Slot Machine (Original Music
Pinokio: Children’s App (Original Music
Rainbow Library: Learnig App (Original Music
Paces 6: App (Original Music
Smoking Cessasion: Learning App (Original Music
Enigma y Misterio: Spanish Course App (Original Music
Flashlights Greeting Cards (Original Music
Cartao de Natal: Christmas Card
(Original Music)
Natal 2009: Christmas eCard
(Original Music)
Marching Band: Greeting Card
(Original Music)
Haunted House: Backround music for live attraction (Original Music)
Misfright Express: Backround music for train ride (Original Music)
Chris Stokes Ghost Tours: Backround Music for live attraction (Original Music)

Baby Emily Day Care (Original Music)




DISCOGRAPHY (Available on all major Online Stores)

MUSIC BOX (New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Jazz, World, Romantic, Orchestral, Blues, Cinematic themes)
A MOMENT IN TIME (New Age, Jazz, Contemporary Instrumental, World, Romantic, Orchestral, Ragtime
FILM & MEDIA MUSIC VOL. 1 (Compilation of tracks from some of Michael's Film and Television Scores)
INDIE CINEMATIC MUSIC VOL. 1 ( A compilation featuring 16 tracks from some of Michael's film and TV scores. Released under the Chaos Music label)
Christmas-Themed CD for Scholastic Books (CD for book fairs featuring “Moonlight Sleighride”)
THE 98 ROCK ALBUM VOL. III (Rock compilation album featuring "Of Celestial Illusions" with Crystal Skies)


Chilled Jazz Masters
Music Made For Horror
Floating In Eternity
Halloween Classical Mix
Luxury Lounge A Taste Of Jazz
Romantic Jazz Nights
The Best Of Halloween Music And Soundtracks
(Also featuring Mike Oldfield)
Cinematic Music For Soundtracks

Halloween Harmonies
Music For Halloween
Horror Movie Soundtracks For Halloween
A Halloween Music Special
Vintage Plug 60 Volumes 2, 3 & 4
Sensualist Future Jazz
Laidback Jazz
Breakup & Sadness
An Invitation To My Party
Best Of Art Rock Vol 3
Tranquil Energy
Santa Claus Is Coming Soon Vol 2
Corporate Electronic Vol 2
Wildlife / Jungle / Adventure: Orchestral Vol 2
Latin Carnival Season
Winter Dreams 1
Valentines' Day Volumes 1 & 2



SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION: Original score, musical director and sound design for the Rep Stage Company.
Original score, musical director and sound design.
Original score, musical director and sound design for "Young Peoples  Theatre Project".
HOME GROWN SPUN: Sound Design  



Indie Music Channel Award for  "Best Male Easy Listening Artist"


Best New Age Artist for the album A MOMENT IN TIME. The award was based on a radio survey of over 3 million listeners worldwide! 

Winner of Radio Airplay's 2016 Spring Song Contest! "When The Moon Beckons"
"Top Artist" Neon Productions 

ASCAP Plus Awards
from "The 98 Rock Album Vol. 3" 
#1 position
on the “Reverb Nation” Jazz Charts 
#1 position on the “N1M” Instrumental Charts