Michael Crowther

   Michael Crowther is an award-winning composer / multi-instrumentalist specializing in a wide variety of instrumental styles renowned for its melodic, emotional and cinematic flair. Among his many distinguished honors include IMC Awards, Radio Music Awards, ASCAP awards and the Songwriter’s Network Award for “Best New Age Artist” which was based on a radio survey of over 3 million listeners worldwide!! With over 60 film and television productions to his credit, this prolific composer has covered many moods and genres including dramas, mysteries, horror films, animated films, children’s programs and comedies. Some of Michael’s clients include shows for CBS, Cinemax, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, PBS as well as music for over 20 video games and apps. He has composed original scores for feature films for the big screen (both foreign and domestic) as well as commercials for Nissan, Toyota, Kia and Western Union to name a few, and has also composed scores for several plays for live theatre. Michael’s albums are a unique blend of Contemporary Instrumental, Easy Listening, Modern Classical, Smooth Jazz, World music, cinematic soundscapes and gorgeous romantic themes using a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments. His music continues to receive worldwide radio airplay and has reached the number one position on various music charts. Many of Michael’s devoted fans describe his work as music filled with passion, mystery, emotion and imagery, which take the listener on a visual ride through the mind’s eye. In addition to his own albums, Michael’s music has been featured on over 60 compilation albums.

  Coming from a musical family, Michael began playing music at the age of four after the untimely death of his father at which time he retreated into a solitary world of musical exploration. With the gift of absolute pitch, Michael became proficient on many different instruments and began composing at an early age. His performing career began at age eleven on the club circuit and he received his first recording contract in his early twenties. Although he is a self-taught musician and composer, Michael’s educational backround includes studies at the prestigious Peobody Institute of Music in Baltimore. In his private state-of-the-art recording studio, Michael takes special care in handling all aspects of his productions including doing all of the composing, arranging, engineering and playing all of the instruments himself. With an extensive and diverse catalog, his flair for composing in a wide variety of genres has resulted in client satisfaction, a devoted international fan base and a reputation as an artist who can deliver. Aside from his work in the film, television and music industries, Michael has a passion for hiking and feels a close connection to the earth. He describes his outdoor experiences as “a means of cleansing the mind for creative and spiritual thought”. As an activist, he has worked many years for the preservation of wilderness areas and wildlife habitats.